LOCATION Belize Barrier Reef, Caribbean Sea


The most vibrant part of the reef

Gladden lies directly on the edge of the widest and most picturesque section of the Belize Barrier Reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere and the 2nd largest in the World. Located 20 miles off the coast of Placencia, Belize, Gladden is the furthest island out from the mainland and closest to the protected side of the reef where the water is usually calm and serene. The snorkeling and Diving are world class.

Getting to Gladden A bucket list experience


35 Min helicopter transfer to Gladden

Guests arrive via helicopter flight from Belize City (included in price for a 7 day stay), because we wanted to be sure you experience the amazing aerial views of the barrier reef that made us fall in love with this spot. You will fly over the most remote parts of the reef and then land directly on it. It’s all part of the package – at a price less than you might pay for a high-end resort shared with other couples on the other side of the world.

Getting to Belize City Direct flights from the USA and Canada


The Belize Barrier Reef

The Belize Barrier Reef is composed of coral growth that is thousands of years old, including boulder corals of up to 300 years old. There are hundreds of species of stony corals and soft corals that give the reef it's color and provide an underwater haven for the creatures that thrive there It is part of the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) system, and its distance from the mainland varies from 25' to 50' miles which results in coral mountains and 90 - 110 foot channels. The edges of the reef provide a barrier to the deep sea waves and contains a slow southerly current moving at a ½ knot that offers safe conditions for responsible divers. The MAR system stretches over 625 miles of eastern coastline of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.